The USI ONE Advantage®

Our Approach to Delivering Client Solutions

What truly distinguishes USI as a premier insurance brokerage and consulting firm is the USI ONE Advantage®, a game-changing value proposition that delivers to clients a robust set of risk management and benefit solutions with bottom line financial impact. USI ONE® represents Omni, Network, Enterprise—the three key elements that set USI apart from the competition.

Through USI ONE, we develop strategic, timely and effective risk management and benefit programs in terms that are easy to understand, and we demonstrate how the solutions can have positive economic impact.

USI ONE — our Omni Knowledge Engine™, with our Network of local and national resources, delivered to our clients through our Enterprise planning process gives USI fundamentally different solutions, the resources to deliver, and a process to bring superior results to our clients. Learn more about USI ONE below or contact your local office today.

man viewing tablet with graphs and charts

Omni, which means “all,” is USI’s one-of-a-kind solutions platform—real time, interactive, dynamic and evolving, and customized for each client. Built in-house by USI subject matter experts, Omni captures the experience of more than 500,000 clients, thousands of professionals and over 150 years of business activity through our acquired agencies into targeted, actionable solutions.

At USI we have made a very large investment in local resources and technical expertise, with more than 10,000 professionals networked nationally to build strong vertical capabilities and integrated account teams. Our local and regional experts ensure account team availability, hands-on service, and follow-through in delivering the solutions we customize for our clients.

USI’s enterprise planning is a disciplined, focused, deep analysis centered on our client’s issues and challenges. Highly consultative meetings integrate USI’s Omni analytics with our broad resource network to build a risk management strategy aligned with client business needs. Our enterprise process is a proven method for identifying, quantifying and minimizing client risk exposures.